Gary's Notebook

Project Highlights

Chord Suggestor

Description:Given an input sequence of chords, the LSTM model suggests the most likely next chords for songwriters. The current version is trained with only Jay Chou songs (scraped from web) and represents chords as one-hot vectors but will soon explore learning “chord embeddings”.

Tech Stack: Keras, Python, Flask

Image Compressor

Description: A python program that compresses images to less than 1% of their original sizes (compression rate exceeds most online image compressors). Solved the problem of slow loading for a client who needed a website that required the display of many photos.

Tech Stack: Python


Description: An iteration of DeepDream on my company's logo - the idea is to maximize certain patterns in the image by performing gradient ascent on a specific activation layer of the neural network.

Tech Stack: Python


Description: A rhymer that suggests rhymes by first querying the CMU pronouncing dictionary and then filtering relevant rhymes by word embedding similarity with a Word2Vec model. (Co-wrote the dictionary query part with a friend)

Tech Stack: Python, Nodejs, Reactjs

Youva Home

Description: A website designed for Youva Home, a tile shop in Hangzhou, China.

Tech Stack: Html, Css, Javascript, Bootstrap

Chinese Notebook

Description: A web app that allows notetaking in Chinese. Upon entering Hanzi, the corresponding Pinyin and definition automatically shows up and are saved to notebooks.

Tech Stack: Reactjs, Nodejs, Firebase, Google Translate API


Description: A mobile app (in development) that facilitates doctor-patient communication. Patients can directly text their doctors and texts will show up on the doctor's end in an email-like interface.

Tech Stack: React Native, Firebase, Nodejs, Nexmo API


Description: A work log that logs progress against goals each day.

Tech Stack: Reactjs, GraphQL, MongoDB

Shapeshift English

Description: A website built for an English education startup in China. (Client self-substituted her own contents and links)

Tech Stack: Html, Css, Javascript