Gary's Notebook

Project Highlights

Chord Suggestor

Description: Given an input sequence of chords, the LSTM model suggests the most likely next chords for songwriters.

Tech Stack: Keras, Python, Flask

Image Compressor

Description: A python program that compresses images to less than 1% of their original sizes (compression rate exceeds most online image compressors). Solved the problem of slow loading for people whose websites require display of many photos.

Tech Stack: Python

Deep Dream

Description: An iteration of DeepDream on the logo of Cortex Labs - the idea is to maximize certain patterns in the image by performing gradient ascent on a specific activation layer of the neural network.

Tech Stack: Python


Description: A rhymer that suggests rhymes by first querying the CMU pronouncing dictionary and then filtering relevant rhymes by word embedding similarity with a Word2Vec model. (Co-wrote the dictionary query part with a friend)

Tech Stack: Python, Nodejs, Reactjs

Youva Home

Description: A website designed for Youva Home, a tile shop in Hangzhou, China.

Tech Stack: Html, Css, Javascript, Bootstrap

Chinese Notebook

Description: A web app that allows notetaking in Chinese. Upon entering Hanzi, the corresponding Pinyin and definition automatically shows up and are saved to notebooks.

Tech Stack: Reactjs, Nodejs, Firebase